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Latin America, a region with some 600 million people, has been a central area for research and teaching in leading universities throughout the world for several decades. Longstanding academic interest in this geo-cultural space has increased together with the ascendance of the region's 25 countries in the world's culture, economy and politics. Latin America has always been a bountiful source of rich and original literature; of vibrant manifestations of popular culture; of dynamic artistic, social, intellectual and political movements; as well as of leaders of international stature.  All of these factors, together with the growth of the Latin American economies and viable participatory politics, not to mention the enormous expansion of Spanish and Portuguese, have made Latin America an important player in a fast and deeply changing global scene.


For these reasons and in response to growing interest in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, a broad spectrum of courses and activities is offered within the framework of the Institute.



  • A wide range of courses in history, literature, cultural and communication studies, and translation from Spanish and Portuguese (within the Department of History and the Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities);
  • Bi-weekly graduate research seminar for students and faculty members;
  • Spanish and Portuguese language courses.



Estudios Interdisciplinarios de América Latina y el Caribe (E.I.A.L): the Institute´s journal of Latin American studies has cemented its reputation as one of the leading scholarly publications in the field. Published twice a year in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, EIAL boasts articles and book reviews by renowned experts from prestigious research centers and universities in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

E.I.A.L is available for consultation online at:

The "Iberoamérica" Book Series: monographs of original research on Latin American topics designed to meet the need for academic literature in Hebrew.
Translation of Latin American classics: publication in Hebrew of seminal works of Latin American fiction, essays, and documents of historical and cultural value from the 19th and 20th centuries.



The unique Woodrow W. Borah Collection of Latin American research, containing thousands of priceless books and documents of paramount importance for the study of colonial Mexico, is now fully accessible to the academic public in the newly refurbished Woodrow Borah Room at TAU’s Sourasky Central Library (Hall 016).
The Szkurnik family holdings, also at TAU’s Sourasky Central Library, offer a wide variety of publications in all areas related to Latin American studies.



Every year, the Institute hosts an international conference with the participation of distinguished scholars from various countries as well as from Israel. These conferences provide an exceptional opportunity for academic dialogue.

A national conference for young researchers encourages collaboration among scholars of Latin America in Israel, offering a platform for young researchers to share their work in progress.



The Institute awards travel scholarships to enable its graduate students to do fieldwork and become acquainted with the local academic community in the country of their research, as well as consult relevant archival collections in Latin America, the United States and Europe.

Scholarships for excellence in research are awarded to outstanding students.

A student exchange program with the University of Granada (Spain) allows the Institute to send two advanced students for an enriching summer experience learning Spanish in Granada, and to host two Spanish students at TAU's intensive Hebrew program.



In close collaboration with the Spanish-speaking Friends of Tel Aviv University, the Institute organizes a variety of lectures, film screenings, concerts, book presentations, and other exciting events, with the aim of bringing the rich culture of Latin America and Spain, as well as discussion of important contemporary issues, closer to the general public, in this way nurturing active reciprocal relations with Israel. The proceeds go towards student scholarships.


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