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Research Fellows


Prof. David M. K. Sheinin

David M. K. Sheinin is Professor of History at Trent University (Canada) and the winner of the Trent University Distinguished Research Award (2017). The Student's Guide to Canadian Universities named him "Favourite Professor" at Trent. In 2017, Benjamin Bryce and David edited _Making Citizens in Argentina_ (University of Pittsburgh Press). In 2015, David edited Sports Cultures in Latin American History (University of Pittsburgh Press). With Raanan Rein, David co-edited Muscling in on New Worlds: Jews, Sports and the Making of the Americas (Brill, 2014) and in 2013, the Middle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies awarded David The Arthur P. Whitaker Prize (best book in 2011-2012) for Consent of the Damned: Ordinary Argentinians in the Dirty War (University Press of Florida, 2012).  The prize committee found that "like the best books in our field do, Consent of the Damned offers specific insights on a time and place (the Dirty War and its aftermath in Argentina) but also speaks to broader questions, in this case, the persistent challenges to establishing and maintaining an authentic and truly effective global human rights regime."

In 2005, David was appointed a member of the Argentine National Academy of History. In 2011 he was named "Amigo de Eloisa" by Eloisa Cartonera.  His books and articles include two short books on boxing and Argentine society, El boxeador poeta_ [The Boxer Poet] (Eloisa Cartonera, 2010) and El boxeador incrédulo [The Incredulous Boxer] (Eloisa Cartonera, 2011). David has held the J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship in American History (Library of Congress/American Historical Association), and in 2008 was named Edward Larocque Tinker Visiting Professor in Latin American History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Lester D. Langley and David are co-editors of the University of Georgia Press "United States and the Americas" Series.


Prof. David Tal

Professor David Tal is the Yossi Harel Chair in Modern Israel Studies at the University of Sussex. Professor Tal got his Ph.D. from the Tel Aviv University in 1995. He had taught at Tel Aviv University and was a visiting professor at Emory University and Syracuse University. In 2009 he was appointed as Kahanoff Chair in Israel Studies at the University of Calgary, Canada, and was the head of the Israel Program there. Professor Tal was a NATO research fellow (2000-2002), INSCT research fellow (Syracuse University, 2008-2013) and Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies research fellow (2011-2012, 2013-2014). Professor Tal specialized in Israel’s military and diplomatic history and US nuclear disarmament policy. He authored four books and edited two. His most recent authored book is US Strategic Arms Policy in the Cold War: Negotiation and Confrontation over SALT, 1969-79, (London: Routledge, 2017). He published about 40 articles and book chapters in the major journals pertinent to Israel’s military and diplomatic history and US foreign policy. His present project is the history of US-Israel special relationship from the early 20th century to the present. Cambridge University Press will publish the book.


Prof. Gideon Kouts 

Gideon Kouts is Emeritus Professor of Modern Jewish History, Culture and Communication; Head of the European Institute of Hebrew Studies at Paris 8 University, France, where he served as Head of the Cultures and Communications Masters’ Program and Head of the Hebrew and Israel Studies Department and its Research Unit.  He is the Editor of REEH- the European Journal of Hebrew Studies, and of Kesher-the International Journal of Jewish Press and Communications History Research published by the Institute of Research of Jewish Press and Communications at Tel-Aviv University  Senior international correspondent for the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation and “Maariv” daily and Honorary President of the French Foreign Press Association. Professor Kouts has also lectured at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1992-4).  His research focuses on Jewish Press and Communications History, as well as International Communications and Foreign Reporting, Propaganda and National Identity studies.  Among his books: News and History: Studies in History of Hebrew and Jewish Press and Communications , Tel Aviv University- Zionist Library-Bialik Institute , 2013 (in Hebrew); The Hebrew and Jewish Press in Europe- Select Problems in Its History, Suger University Press, Paris- London, 2006; Editors and Journals: Studies in History of the Hebrew and Jewish  Press , World Hebrew Union, Jerusalem, 1999 (Hebrew); La presse hébraïque en Europe: ses origines et son evolution de 1856 à 1897, (2 vol), Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, Lille ,1997 ; Les grands périodiques hébraïques en Europe, Maisonneuve et Larose, Paris, 1993; Book chapters and articles in scholarly journals published  in  Hebrew, French, English, Polish, Russian, German and Spanish. 


Dr. Aya Udagawa

Aya Udagawa received her PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Tokyo in 2018. Her doctoral thesis “Life and Quest among the Secular Jews in Argentina” is based on her field research conducted in Buenos Aires, Argentina during 2011- 2013. A book based on her thesis “Jews in spite of all” (in Japanese) is forthcoming in 2020. She explored the various spheres of Jewish memory, from the food memory in family recipe to collective memory piled in archives. She is currently starting her new research project “Anthropology of Archives in Israel”, focused on the dynamics of actors (not only materials but also archivists, donators or fund raisers) of Diaspora communities and Israel. Her research interests include: memory, archive, Diaspora and Israel, spiritual search, food studies. 


Dr. Natan Lederman Sokol

Professor and researcher at the Metropolitan University of Caracas. Doctorate in Economics, with studies in sociology and business administration in the United States and Venezuela. Professor Lederman has also worked as a public policy consultant for multilateral organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, the International Labor Organization, the United Nations Development Program, the Organization of American States and the International Organization for Migration, among others. Also in the past, he held high positions in the Venezuelan public administration, of which he has been separated for more than two decades. Professor Lederman is known in Venezuela for his activity as a lecturer and for his articles and interviews in the media. The purpose of his research project in Israel is to study the opportunities for integration in the scientific and technological fields between Israel and Latin America, as well as to evaluate the commercial potential not realized and its possible impact, in order to formulate proposals and recommend reforms. in different areas.


Dr. Adriana M. Brodsky

Associate Professor of Latin American History at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, obtained her PhD from Duke University in 2004. Her book Sephardi, Jewish, Argentine: Creating Community and National Identity, 1880-1960, was published with Indiana University Press in 2016. She has co-edited with Raanan Rein (Tel Aviv University) a book titled The New Jewish Argentina (Brill, 2012), with Beatrice Gurwitz and Rachel Kranson a special issue of the Journal of Jewish Identities on Jewish Youth in the Global 1960s, and with Monique Balbuena a special issue in the same journal on Latin America. She has also published on Sephardi schools, and on Jewish beauty contests in Argentina. Most recently, an article on Sephardi food in Argentina will be coming out in an anthology edited by Hasia Diner and Simone Cinotto (Nebraska University Press, 2018). Her new project explores the experiences of Argentine Sephardi youth in Zionist movements from the 1940s-1970s. She is currently co-President of the Latin American Jewish Studies Association.


Dr. Gabriela Jonas Aharoni 

Gabriela Jonas Aharoni received her BA from the Department of Social Communication in Rosario University, Argentina. She later received an MA in Communication and Journalism from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a PhD from the Faculty of Arts’ Interdisciplinary Program of Tel Aviv University. She currently teaching in the departments of Cinema and Television, and Liberal Arts and Sciences of Sapir College. Jonas Aharoni has already published several articles in academic journals, such as "Jewish Identities in Argentinian Television Fiction: the case of Graduados", in Jewish Film and New Media, "Telenovelas de época y cine: la intertextualidad como herramienta que construye segmentos de la memoria histórica argentina", in Nuevo Mundo Nuevos Mundos and "Globalización e identidades plurales en las telenovelas argentinas de fines de siglo", in. E.I.A.L. Her book "Argentinian Telenovelas. Southern Sagas Rewrite Social and Political Reality" published in October 2015.

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